The people behind

As Kristian ArpeMøller and Rune Amgild Jochumsen took over formel B in 2003 it was at the age of just 22 and 23 years.

A couple of young boys with ambitions as big as their passion for cooking. There was a dream of Michelin stars and to create a restaurant in the international elite. Now 15 years later we must say that the mission was successful, achieved through hard work and an absolute focus on gastronomic exclusivity and luxury.

Today Kristian ArpeMøller has the function of head chef at formel B and the passion for cooking has not diminished. Perhaps contrary. The same applies to our uncompromising focus on quality and originality.

The restaurant is managed by Rune Jochumsen. Rune’s interest in wine is in constant motion. He has a great love for the light and juicy “vin nature” wines, but there is also room for the more classic wine regions and nothing beats the wines from Burgundy is his eyes.

The dreams and the goals are no longer stars and international publicity. Together they have found what really gives them joy, a simple, honest and unpretentious experience. Whether we are talking about food, wine or atmosphere in the restaurant for guests as well as staff.